Las mejores canciones que escuché en el 2016

sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

¿Por qué son las mejores? La verdadera pregunta sería, ¿por qué no lo serían?

Banda/Grupo: Amber Run

Albúm: 5AM

 ❝...And I found love where it wasn't supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me..❞

De: Aquilo
Álbum: Good Girl - Single

 ❝...Cause I've been looking for a good girlYeah, I'm looking for a good girl
Tell me if you think I found..❞

De: Astrid S
Álbum: Astrid S EP

 ❝ You're fighting me off like a firefighter
So tell me why you still get burned...❞

De: Oh Wonder
Álbum: Oh Wonder

 ❝ ...Since I've been walking solo
Dreaming you were back home I find getting down low 
Hide until tomorrow...❞

                                         5. Atlantis

De: Seafret
Álbum: Atlantis - Single

 ❝ ...Cause in my heart and in my head,I’ll never take back the things I said
So high above, I feel it coming down

De: Catfish and the bottlemen
Álbum: The Ride

 ❝ ...Christ, I ain't ever going back to thinking straight twice
Twice, it brung me down but it's the last time

De: August and After
Álbum: Wolves - Single

 ❝ ...You said I'm like ice, I endure the advice
Unable to open, but crying inside..

De: Seafret
Álbum: Be there

 ❝ ...I'll be there when you need me most

I'll be there if you're ever alone...❞

> ¿Escucharon alguna? ¿Tienen una sola canción favorita de este año?

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